Edward & Barbara

When a young couple gets married, they commit to a dream. Then they need to learn the power compromise.

When a middle aged couple, both set in their ways, marries, they commit to a lifestyle. Then, they are called on learn to be flexible.

When an older couple marries, though, it’s not about the commitment to the future; it’s a celebration of every single moment – a celebration of RIGHT NOW. All the couple needs is gratitude. And Barbara and my Dad are filled with Gratitude.

Dad, those of us who know you well have seen you transform into a kind, thoughtful, and loving man. You tell us how grateful you are for your life, your health, your abundance, and your newfound love… and not only your love for Barbara, for all of us.

Barbara, we’ve all seen you basking in the magic of this unconditional love. Knowing that no matter what happens you will be cherished and safe. I believe this has freed you to be yourself.

Eddie & Barb's Wedding - D