Princess and the Dragon

The Dance of the Victim and her Hero

I . The King 

His daughter, the princess, runs to him and sits in his lap as she has done a hundred times before. This time, though, it is different. The King realizes that she is not so young anymore. He notices the swell of her breast, the curve of her thighs.

He stiffens and casts her off. Fearing that men might notice and defile her, he imprisons her in the grotto, guarded by his dragon named “Worthlessness.”

She doesn’t understand, but knows that she has done something wrong… or worse, that it is not something she has done, but something that she is. So she sits on the cold rocks, imprisoned by Worthlessness, and cries herself to sleep.

That night, the dragon comes to her and leans close to her sleeping ear. He whispers,
“Princess, you need not fear me for I, Worthlessness, am only an illusion, here to control you; keep you obedient and obeisant. They see the fire in you and it frightens them so they set me onto you. Look me in the eyes and you’ll see I am the puppy that adores you.”

2. The Knight

The young knight pounds on the crone’s door with his sword, demanding to be shown the way to his manhood.

“Where is the princess — and the dragon I must conquer to win her love?” he Shouts.

“Young boy,” she replies, “a flower does not need to earn its beauty, nor does an apple need to work hard to become so nourishing. You do not need to win love by inspiring gratitude. Seek love for who you are, not what you do. The Princess will find her own way out of the grotto when she is ready and, perhaps, meet you on the hillside where you stand and shout encouragement. ”

“AHA! The Grotto!”  he cries and stands quickly, knocking over the lantern. He swings onto his white horse and gallops off.

3. The Battle
The princess watches in horror as the knight and the dragon fight. Then his sword pierces its heart, he thrusts again and again until the dragon’s hot blood sprays over the princess’ dress.

With the dragon dying he stands before her. She blushes and lowers her eyes.

“I have slayed a dragon for you,” he says.

“You have freed me from Worthlessness, my Lord, and I am yours forever,” she replies.

4. The Escape
He sweeps her onto the back of his horse. He will bring her to his Father and he will smile with pride. She presses against his back and puts her arms around him. As they ride off toward “Happily Ever After” she glances back and, just for a moment, realizes she is still in love with the dragon.

Friday, November 14, 2008