Protected: The Pimp Club

I wanted to venture away from Nana and the massage places on Sukhumvit 24/1 Alley and went looking for a “high class gentlemen’s club.” With a cost-is-no-object attitude, I arrived early, about 8:30.

At the door he explained the costs to me in clear, slow English, making sure I understood. There was a 5000thb ($140) minimum for food and drinks at a table. Based on another review I read here, I asked for a couch. That was a 7500 baht minimum and requirement that I take two girls. Each girl was 2,000 for the first hour and a thousand for an additional hour.

The couch is designed for a about for about half a dozen people to sit comfortably. I think it was rare that a single person wanted an entire couch so the server again, made sure I understood.

Except for about 50 absolutely stunning women, the place was empty. It was early and he explained that more girls come later. He sat me down with a good view of the stage although made clear that not much was happening on the stage today as it was a Wednesday night.

I bought a bottle of whiskey for 5000 baht. I drink hardly at all, as when I drink I lose my mojo. They showed me a food menu with a couple of selections that I really didn’t look at too closely.

The gentleman from the door came by my table again and made sure I understood that I had a $7500 baht minimum and actually asked me to sign on his iPad that I understood that. I appreciated that.

Mamasan came by and explained the cost of the women, 2000 for the first hour, 1000 each additional hour. About 30 incredibly beautiful women lined up in front of me. I told her that I only wanted to choose between women I could take out. She explained the cost of takeout. The bar fee was 6,000, and the girl’s fee was 15000 for an hour.

For comparison, at Nana plaza, the bar fee is 2000 and the girls charge 4,000 or 6,000. Getting a girl from a Sukhumvit 24/1 Alley massage place to come to my hotel costs 3000.

To make matters worse, I always take two. One, I have been heard to say, I can get at home.

I asked her to have the girls who would go back to my hotel with me to raise their hands and about 20% of them did. I’m not sure of the logic here, but it was explained to me later that some nights 100% can go out.

I picked two stunners. They seemed thrilled and said they were best friends. They snuggled up on either side of me deeply kissing, touching, feeling, teasing, and chatting a bit. I was in pig heaven and they made me feel like they were enjoying themselves. The music was techno, but not so loud that I wished I had earplugs. Some singers came on who were not bad. This went on for an hour or two. They went through about an 8th of my bottle. I had a sip or two of whiskey in my water. When I explained what happens to little brother when I drink, they stopped pushing it. They ordered a fruit plate and a bowl of nuts.

Eventually, I said I wanted to take them back to my hotel. I gave them each 15000 cash and mamasan came over. She held out a tablet that said “Say thank you to Mamasan” and had check boxes for 2000, 3000, and up to 10,000. I could check one or check a box at the bottom that said “I want to speak to management.” I pulled 1000 out of my pocket and the girls stopped me “you have to use the tablet.” An epic scam! I checked 2000 and they asked for a tip for the help. I gave 500. They said they would save my bottle for a week so I could come back.

Total damage 21000 for the house and 30000 for the girls. About $1,400. Nearly Las Vegas prices.

Back at the hotel they made me VERY happy. Perfect bodies. One had a pussy shaved smooth, deliciously bald. DFK, BBBJ, DATY, CFS they even touched each other, although not to my 69-9 fantasy.

Having “blown my wad” both literally and financially, I tipped them each 2000 and everyone was very, very happy.