The most powerful force

The Strongest Force in the Universe.

The inanimate forces, indeed, are powerful and comprise the clockwork of the universe; gravity, nuclear, magnetic. Planets, suns, dark matter and more weave their ways with one another, communicating in that realm and dancing existence.

But in order to exist in the higher vibratory realms, in order to evolve, the universe needs to ‘wake up’ and become conscious of itself. To that end a different form of matter separated itself from the rocks and became organic, then self-aware, then intelligent, then aware of the universe.

So all-that-is created the only part of itself that could look upon itself and smile.

Intuitively, we know that there is something greater than us, yet made of us, that we need to love and worship.  From deep inside we hear the call to awe, the vision that we are a part of something so vast and incomprehensible that anything but humble submission is ridiculous.

So are we supposed to worship? Do we imagine that all-that-is could possibly care how we spend our Sunday Mornings?
Is obedience required? Yes, indeed it is mandatory. We are commanded to breathe, to eat, our hearts to beat. The penalty for disobedience is always death.
Are we to Love? Love is good and of high vibration, but not quite pure. Love contains an element of ‘love back.’ Love, whether of a person, a thing, or of god is so easily contaminated by expectation.
The thought that’s as pure as the white light, the emotion that is felt across the universe is Gratitude. In Gratitude there is no desire, no hope, no need to be fulfilled.

Gratitude is a completely creative force. When we take universe energy, channel it through our consciousness and shape it into Gratitude then a new force exists that cannot be undone, a new phrase is written that cannot be erased. “Thank you!”

I am in a place a deep Gratitude for who you are, and what you’ve been in my life up until this very moment. And when another moment passes, perhaps a new wave of gratitude will sweep across our lives – not for what I pray will be, but for what has already been written. You need do nothing – it has already been done.

And on this day that we call “Thanksgiving” we can, perhaps, also be grateful for Gratitude itself, and in that holy feedback loop, light up the sky.

November 2007