Packaging for Mail Order evolves

Packaging was once critically important to getting your product, on the shelf, noticed and bought. Packaging was the “point of purchase” advertisement with the call-to-action being “put it in the shopping cart.” Improvements in packaging and an immediate impact on sales.

As shopping moved to mail order, though, the need for packaging because less apparent. The information on the website was what motivated customers to purchase. If the product came in a brown box or plastic bag, it was no problem. It was already sold. All that was needed now was that the product performance met expectations.

Now, though, things have changed again. Packaging matters. Amazon makes returns so easy that there is a much higher probability that a customer will receive the product, not like the packaging, and return it.

New packaging needs to remind the customer why they bought it in the first place and ‘sell’ the product all over again; giving the customer a reason to keep it.