Mark C. Robinson

Welcome to my personal website. This is where I put my short stories, writing, and miscellaneous musings.

We are made of this world, and we developed, as organisms, from it. The earth, made of star stuff, gave birth to us and we developed in perfect synchronicity with it. If the average temperature was 70 degrees, then we became perfectly suited to it. If there were only berries to eat, then we would have adapted so that berries were the perfect food for us. If we grew stronger by being hungry, then what we needed to eat just what was out of reach.

The universe is a dance, and it is becoming conscious. Every day, more and more of the universe wakes up and becomes conscious. We are aware of one trillion, 200 billion pounds of conscious matter in this universe (6 billion people, 200 lbs each plus non-human conscious matter on the earth and elsewhere). In another 50 years, there will be twice that. In another cosmic blink of an eye, a percentage of everything in the universe will be alive. This is star stuff becoming conscious.

And when we look carefully at what thought is – cells in our head shooting neuronic energy across the gaps – maybe we see a similarity when we look up at the points of light sending photons, gravitons, and whatever else across their gaps. I have to wonder what they might be thinking about.



The dance of life sculpting god

Parts adore the whole.

– Mar 2003