The anthropomorphization of the universe/reality frequently referred to as “god” is also an atheist. Don’t mourn for me, as I don’t even know I’m dead. The ancients, sensing the first law of thermodynamics, imagined a universe where, my energy, conserved, looked “down” on you to mourn my own passing. True, my life energy is not […]

Am I being Honest?

“You’d never hurt me, would you?” I cradled you in my lap in the overstuffed chair. The small of your back was pressed against me. I remembered how firm the muscles on either side of your spine felt when I rubbed oil on them the other night. They responded to my touch. Your whole body responded […]

A Thinking Universe

A Thinking Universe – Dec 2005 Look Up. You’ll see a universe that never ends – no matter how far you cast your thoughts, you still face a never ending void. Look Down. There’s the possibility of infinitely small; the molecule, the atom, the proton, the quark, the lepton, the strange, and whatever else there […]

Down The Stream

My canoe drifted lazily down he center of the deserted river. The gentle rocking matched the rhythm of the clockwork-ticking crickets and the alien deep throated belching of the river frogs (if that’s what they really were). An occasional birdsong trilled from the thick forest’s trees that lined the river’s edge and swayed, whispering in […]

An Honest Man

Chapter I I am truly an honest man… ask anyone! Nobody can call me a liar because I have never been caught in a lie. I’m smart. I’m strategic. I write down my lies in a little notebook so I’ll never forget to whom I told exactly what. It is hard to do. It involves […]

God and Football

If there’s really a God, a being created by us as ants create an ant colony, then can we feel him? Can we have a direct experience of God? Of all things to do on Monday night, I was watching ‘the game.’ And I was really getting into it. Screaming advice at the TV when […]

A Most Powerful Moment

The most powerful moment in my life? A few things come to mind; my car accident in Pennsauken NJ, my first solo in a sailplane, getting mugged in New York, and an argument I once had with my Dad. But the moment I’ll choose happened in the delivery room of the CMC hospital in Manchester, […]

Eat Dessert First

I love walking through the back streets of Boston in the Summertime. Everyone’s strolling, smiling, sometimes tagging along a plethora of children, or dogs, or, God forbid, both. This cobblestoned street in the North End was deserted and a sweet smell of baking somethings beckoned me into the Bakery at the corner. Bells on the […]

A Bad Sailor

I drifted awake to a soft buzzing sound this morning, like a bubble that wobbles to the surface of a summer pond released, perhaps by a foraging fish overturning a shell or rock. The water was warm, the sun was still, and the peacefulness of the summer morning seeped into my bones. As imaginary ripples […]