The anthropomorphization of the universe/reality frequently referred to as “god” is also an atheist. Don’t mourn for me, as I don’t even know I’m dead. The ancients, sensing the first law of thermodynamics, imagined a universe where, my energy, conserved, looked “down” on you to mourn my own passing. True, my life energy is not […]

Designing a Business

10/25/2017 Make a plan, or at least a written statement of purpose. Ex. “This business will create webpages and promote them through social media by hiring from a pool of qualified contractors.” Often it helps to create a brochure or advertisement that highlights the best of who you are and what you can do. Change […]

Down The Stream

My canoe drifted lazily down he center of the deserted river. The gentle rocking matched the rhythm of the clockwork-ticking crickets and the alien deep throated belching of the river frogs (if that’s what they really were). An occasional birdsong trilled from the thick forest’s trees that lined the river’s edge and swayed, whispering in […]

God and Football

If there’s really a God, a being created by us as ants create an ant colony, then can we feel him? Can we have a direct experience of God? Of all things to do on Monday night, I was watching ‘the game.’ And I was really getting into it. Screaming advice at the TV when […]

Eat Dessert First

I love walking through the back streets of Boston in the Summertime. Everyone’s strolling, smiling, sometimes tagging along a plethora of children, or dogs, or, God forbid, both. This cobblestoned street in the North End was deserted and a sweet smell of baking somethings beckoned me into the Bakery at the corner. Bells on the […]

Nut in a tree

“Do you believe in God?” I looked down through the branches and saw two young men, probably in their early twenties, peering up at me, shading their eyes from the sun. No doubt they were wondering what I was doing up in a tree. Frankly, so was I.  They were, as to be expected, clean […]

Dating in the 00’s

At first, when two people begin ‘speaking’ on the internet, something quite curious happens. They often establish a connection, a bond that is often deeper then they would in person. They are completely safe in their anonymity. They are virtually unafraid and have no need to hide. Being that they came here because they wanted […]

Looking for Love (2001)

Like a fish searching for water… Like a fish swimming around searching for water, I’m realizing that no matter how hard I try or where I look I will never find love. I can’t ‘find’ love, I think, because it’s everywhere, everything, and everyone. I can let love into my life. I can experience love. […]