60th Birthday Wishes

March 16th is my 60th Birthday.

Please wish me a “Happy Birthday” here with your comments, photos, a story about us, whatever you like! The form to add a story and upload a photo is at the bottom of this page.


  1. Happy Birthday to you:) I learn a lot from you. I`m greatful that I know you in my life. Looking forward to see you soon.
    祝您福如东海长流水, 寿比南山不老松:)

    Better belated than never! Heard your party was a real blast and i love this site you’ve created to contain the human memories in digital form. Expect nothing less :)
    And thank you so much for being an awesome friend to my dad (and me) all these years, AND for all your help with basically everything web related:)

  3. To my dearest, longest (but not oldest) friend – so many wonderful memories that we shared – loved our lunches at the DAM in Peterborough – your patience in teaching me my way around the computer – and your great sense of humor about it!
    You have the patience and love of a Saint! A part of my heart will always be yours.
    I wish you the very happiest of Birthdays and so many more of life’s wonderful experiences. I continue to be in awe of you! Happy Birthday my sweet friend!

  4. Thank you for all you’ve done for handicapped pets, and for giving us a place to gather and share our experience caring for our handicapped pets. You have helped to change the world for handicapped pets and their caregivers around the world. Very best wishes to you on your birthday and always!

  5. Mark…..
    Happy,happy 60th!!!!! It was absolutely a blessing when I met you…..the strength you have is so admirable. I love that you love animals so deeply, and because of you Hope and I developed a program that awakened so,so many to handicapped pets. We love ya!!!!!

  6. Dear Mark,

    It was fun going through photos and thinking about all of the joy you bring to my life and to Bruce’s life. I’m posting a photo from the first time I remember meeting you – and that trip in Wellfleet was memorable! Happy, Happy 60 – may you have many decades more in good health and sound mind (or at least having fun!)


  7. Mark R.
    A few more photos from our Eastern & Orient Express train trip from Singapore to Bangkok via Malaysia.

    Happy Birthday!
    Mark L.

  8. Happy , Happy Birthday Mark R.,

    Wishing you a sensational day and am really bummed I am not there to share it with you and your loving friends and family. We’ve had some fantastic adventures together with many, many more to come down the happy road of life. Remember to keep on smiling Mark R….that way no one really knows what your up to.

    All the best my great friend.
    Mark L.

  9. Bog Man:
    We met
    at Ponemah Bog
    where pine needled paths
    meld to boardwalked peat
    ‘neath our feet journeying
    to Kettle Pond
    and Beyond!
    Circling the half century mark
    our age was meaningless then,
    as now,
    except to create
    ripples of Memories,
    sweetly Fond!!
    Happy 60th Birthday To You, Dear Mark,
    From Val

  10. Happy Birthday, Big Boy! (little late, but I’m just having a sympathy senior moment and spaced your big day for a minute). Hope the next 60 is as maaaaavelous.

  11. Mark, first, late Happy Birthay from Star and me. We love you. Second, I could not find a picture of you to send, hell, I can’t fiend my check book. Wait until you get there. I really hope (and I know )you are having a wonderful time of it. and we will sing to you soon as we see you. Morning Star and Moonlight


    Bolshoi Keezes, Mashenka

  13. This is very cool! Love seeing all the messages from friends near and far, old and new. Well, I’m a “near and old” friend…privileged to have witnessed and shared and enjoyed a great friendship/loveship with you over the years. You make 60 look good and like it’s just the beginning, which it is!! Happy Birthday, buddy. I’m sorry I’ll miss your celebration and it’s time for a date :)

  14. Happy 60th Mark and many more to come. I have always enjoyed working with you and sharing your knowledge. Enjoy your b-day book. You probably already mastered everything in it. Peace & Joy & most important…….Happiness! Nancy

  15. Happy Birthday Mark!

    I am doing Facebook for the first time so this is new for me.

    I am just so glad Bruce brought you into our lives. You have been a great friend and a wonderful member of F&L which lives on.

    Much love,

    Terry Mollner

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mark!!!!
    I wish you all good things for your 60th years and all the coming years. May you continue to prosper in all you undertake. May you be loved by all who know you. May God bless you always.

    P.S. I will always remember that “Money makes the world go around!”

  17. Dearest Mark,
    Your shining good will, your humor and honesty, your insight and creativity are all extraordinary. It’s a delight to know you through years of F and L.
    Happy 60th day of your blessed birth.


  18. Happy birthday Mark! Hope it’s the best year ever. One of my fondest memories of you is when you came to the rescue – coming all the way with me to a Bar Mitzvah of an old high school friend’s kid, all the way in New Jersey, and right in the middle of a F+L weekend. Boy, that was awesome. You’re so ready to go for it, and I really appreciate that about you! Also, how helpful you’ve always been with things that come up at F+L and also, the long conversations brainstorming about business ventures and entrepreneurial schemes. If there was a picture, it would be you taking on the world, best to you, Love, ToBe Eat a big piece of chocolate cake for me, and blow out all the candles!

  19. Though I’d love to hang out with you, I like that I haven’t seen you since you were 15. I remember distinctly where. There’s one scene emblazoned. In the bedroom on the right off the foyer in the main house, you assiduously tinkering away on some prop with that other guy, oily olive skin, black straight hair, I forget his name. You both were destined to make props for movies I thought. I admired your focus, since at the time I had no idea what I was good for, and so wasn’t laying the groundwork for a successful career in anything. You were so bright, young, full of promise, very much at peace with yourself, your sense of humor already fully formed, a humor that from what I can tell resides in you to this day and will reside in you forever. I have no image of you as 60. Thinking of Mark I think of the self-same guy you must feel like on the inside.

  20. Ahh, Mr. Youth! It pleases me so to wish you a Happy Birthday. Uncork one, and make your toast as long as you like!!

  21. 60?! Who?! Me?! Bring it on!!!

    SOMEDAY, Mark, you’ll make a great senior. May we all be around to witness!

    Happy MANY more!

  22. OMG did you know you had to be good at math in order to fill out the form? I almost needed my calculator lol. Happy Birthday Dearest Mark. Your brilliant mind certainly changed my boy’s life (and mine) for the better. Thank you for the awesome Walkin’ Wheels! May we be around you celebrating your 120th. birthday! Lots of love, Bany, Bobby, Petite, Precious, Bambi, Bella & the one & only OMID.

  23. Bee the change you might see in the flowers, or in the world, or… Maybe ask Ghandi, yeah what he said.

  24. OMG…I can’t believe you are 60. Those college days were so far away. I’ll never forget our skinny dipping days with Leslie and the gang. Too bad no pictures are available. We looked pretty good back then. Hope your 60th is as wonderful as you want it to be and that we’re both around to celebrate your 70th!

  25. 60 is just 06 backwards!! Or 6 and 6 and 6 and….you get the picture. And, I so remember that black and white photo!!!! Happy birthday!!!

  26. Happy Birthday Mark!
    These past ten years have been a journey I will never forget and will always be thankful for.

  27. Have a great Birthday Mark and seems like yesterday you came into Monadnock Lifetime Products to work with the instructor data base.

  28. 60!?! Too old for Speedo’s, too young to retire. Life can be so unfair but knowing you makes it much more interesting! Carpe Diem my friend and revel in your youth. . .whilst it lasts : ) Happy Birthday!

  29. Happy Mark Robinson Day, and welcome to the other side of 60! C’mon in, the water’s fine. Carry on, bro; You are one inspirational renaissance dude.
    Love, Lonny

  30. 60 is that all! I am sure by 60, elephants ARE allowed in your car. Love Love Love to you, my dear friend. Here’s to many more!

  31. Always remember, birthdays are like boogers – the more you have the harder it is to breathe. Breathe….breathe…. We love you, dear friend.

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