50th Birthday Wishes

Mark, The 50’s are a dynamite decade! Time to explode with life and love! I have fond memories of you at Fand L – talking around the campfire, hanging peacefully! Moon and I love you dearly. We’ll send a picture soon. Happy Birthyear! Hugs, Morning Star

Remember what George Carlin said, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” I’ll never forget skinny dipping with you & the gang after we closed the Tower…how many years ago?… or re-connecting decades later when you became a semi-regular Wednesday nighter. Hugs & kisses and may there be many more happy & playful years to come for you with all your friends and loved ones. Pauline Mathews

Adam Pattantyus
Saturday March 19, 2005


Happy 50th Mark! I have always enjoyed your fresh, youthful and curious orientation to life. I enjoyed being in Men’s Group with you a decade ago and it has been a pleasure becoming closer friends in these past few years. Also, thanks for introducing Cynthia and me to Richard. We have really enjoyed connecting with the rich community of friends that you and Richard have in your lives! Love, Adam

Friday March 18, 2005

Have a happy 50th. May Arnie’s stories get shorter in your older age. Jordan


arnie Friday March 18, 2005

you are one of the best. the nice part about this business is meeting people like you


Deb Winters Friday March 18, 2005

Mark, I’m so glad you caught up to me so I’m not the old lady in the office. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you and learn from you! Let’s grow HP and retire by 55! Happy 50th Birthday! Deb


T.J. Thursday March 17, 2005

Isn’t it nifty.

You are turning fifty.

It can only mean, I am getting older too.

So happy birthday Dad. and when I am fifty, I hope to look as good as you.


John Broucek Thursday March 17, 2005

Mark You are getting a lot of pleasure out of this – kind of like your life huh? Best of wishes for many more joyous and mischievous years. (I know you’re a man of integrity, so a little mischief will keep you young)


cousin craig Thursday March 17, 2005

hey marc, long time no speak or hear – sandy told me about this site and i just had to send you some loving and best wishes on your big 50. all the best and happy b-day – cousin craig


Robin Thursday March 17, 2005

Happy 50th!!!!!!!!!!!!


Snowy Wednesday March 16, 2005

May today be filled with Sunshine, smiles, laughter and loads of love. My heart is full of our memories! Sunshine at the dam, being happy and comfortable…. and love – we’ll always have! My heart is full of our friendship – past, present and what ever the future brings our way. Remember Fantasies is what life is made of – it will forever keep our love strong. And you’ve had 50 years of fantasies! I wish you the very best of Birthdays! 4-ever, Snowy


Lance Rogers Wednesday March 16, 2005

50? Who knew? Looking better than ever, Mark. Hope all is well and that we get to visit soon. My best, Lance


Paul Savage Tuesday March 15, 2005

Dear Mark, Now that I know that you are 50, I think we need to rethink some elements of your employment agreement. That future, tense, negotiation notwithstanding, you have been a pleasure to work with and an asset to all of us.


Carmel Naraval Tuesday March 15, 2005

Half a century young and still looking good . . . happy birthday to my favorite computer wiz! May you have more candles to blow.


Dennis Kosch from Nextek Tuesday March 15, 2005

Fifty years old! Sorry to hear it. (Do you have any advice for us forty-eight year olds?) How’s that manual coming?


Wayne Gutschow Tuesday March 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Mark. Don’t despair, 50 isn’t old if you’re a tree! Here’s a shot of our 5 minutes of sun in CA. It was a fun trip, look forward to more.


Gena Hotaling Tuesday March 15, 2005

Happy 50th! She who throws stones at glass houses gets egg on her face! Miss seeing you…… and miss Wednesday.


Justine Pattantyus Sunday March 13, 2005

Hey Mark! Happy 50 years young! It’s been fun driving down to Boston with you and my Dad. Every conversation with you is always interesting and insightful. Take care and happiness and luck to you in the upcoming years. =)


Tim Lind Saturday March 12, 2005

Congratulations, Mark. Though it’s been many a year, I’ll never forget you for all you’ve done for me. Raising a glass to you.


HJ Paik Friday March 11, 2005

Happy Birthday Mark!! The Big 50!!! Oh the tales you could tell! Looking forward to your next LA visit.


Ken Estridge Friday March 11, 2005

Hi Mark, Remember you are only as old as you feel! Keep your youthful, loving and adventurous spirit alive. Happy Birthday, Ken


Bill Johnson Friday March 11, 2005

My dearest big Brother, It seems like only yesterday I was hiding in the curtains of your bedroom with a kitchen knife, waiting to do you in. (Hey, I was five.) Looking back, and reading all of the loving messages from your friends and admirers, I can say now that I’m glad I took the path of moderation and instead only blinded your teddy bear.

As your little brother I was the first beneficiary of your gentle, thoughtful nature, and as can be expected, I soon learned to sit still and listen (sometimes for very, very long intervals) as you shared with me the many things you were learning about the world. You were like a pipeline of information about my future, sending back vital facts about what laid ahead. Zits, girls, drugs; all were explained to me well in advance. More recently the topics have been less interesting, such as the benefits of a high fiber diet, and the best brands of cushiony toilet paper, but useful all the same….


For this and much more I send you my love and gratitude. I wish I could have included a photo with this message, but the little slot on the front of my mac refuses to accept the prints, further proof that your technical skills (and now that I think of it at least one other endowment) came from the Robinson side. I love you Charlie. Happy 50th from me, HJ, little Billy (and the fetus too!) Bill


Deborah Enright
Thursday March 10, 2005


Sweetheart I just had to put my $2 in (couldn’t find the cent sign). You are such a good guy, my bro. I have to say that some of the funnest things I’ve done in the past few years included you in the mix. Remember those crazy picture posings in our room in NYC. Yeah, yeah……..the posse loves you very much. Let’s howl Saturday night.



Sandy Johnson/Mom Thursday March 10, 2005

Mark: The First Fifty Years.


The morning after he made his appearance on Earth was St. Patrick’s Day; Mark, pink-cheeked with wisps of white-blond hair was brought in to me in from the hospital nursery with a bright green bow pinned to his shirt. He did not take anything apart that day (it was a holiday, after all), but soon after nothing mechanical was immune to his inquisitive mind and fast-flying fingers.

He had to know how things worked. As technology raced to catch up with him, Mark concentrated on the art of making his life work. And on the art of kindness and service, for which we all are the lucky beneficiaries. I celebrate this day, Mark; and wish you another fine fifty! I send you so much love, Mom

Sara Schley and Joe Laur Thursday March 10, 2005

Happy 50th Mark! Have a wonderful celebration. And a fabulous next half a century. Love, Sara, Joe, Sam and Maya


helga weber-wein Tuesday March 08, 2005

dear mark, I wish you all the best for your heart and soul. make the right decisions and relax. reflect on the future, the past is over anyway. the years to come are always the better. love and hugs from helga, germany


Liz Husten, Germany Sunday March 06, 2005  

Happy Birthday, Mark and welcome to the Club of the 50ies.It is not so bad to be 50. Enjoy every year of your life, every new year you’ll begin, will be the best year en your life, I give you a big Birthday kiss, at the next days you get old pictures from me, I hope you like them.

Love, Liz

Please give all the Johnsons a big hug from me, and have a big celebration party. I had a great 5O birthday celebration in New York, do you remember?
Mark & Liz, Germany, c.  summer 1972


Terry Mollner Saturday March 05, 2005

Mark, it has been such a joy to watch you grow as the years have gone by. There is a maturity, sweetness, gentleness, heightened awareness of what is going on around you in you now. It is all downhill from here. Hope you enjoyed the chairlift up!!!! All my love is with you. Terry


Jack and Linda Saturday March 05, 2005

At 50,I realized I had worked my ass off for many years, Mark, and I said to myself, “Jack, the next 50 are for fun and enjoying life.” It’s working, Mark, and I hope you have lots of fun for your next 50! All the best, Babe! I’m remembering most the fun we had cooking omelettes together, and the giving, cooperative spirit that you consistently display.

Martha Hopewell Friday March 04, 2005

Well, we’re all going in the same direction…50 and beyond! Our F&L connection has been sweet over the years, Mark. I’ve admired the father-son relationship you share with Josh, and I’m pleased to witness the healing in your other father-son relationship. Because of you – your Dad will not die lonely. Many good years from now, because of Josh and friends who love you, neither will you. Love, Martha

Neil Kutzen Friday March 04, 2005

Mark: Congrats on living 15 years longer than the average Colonist – not even including the ones who wintered at Valley Forge. Yes, reaching this hallowed age was never an issue for me. I loved becoming forty ten. Looking forward to seeing you.


Mike Goodman Thursday March 03, 2005

Dear Charlie; Happy Birthday; I am two years behind you so you will have to test the waters of the fifth decade of life for me. I simply cannot get over how fast time flys.


Bruce Anderson
Tuesday March 01, 2005


The first 50 is just practice, Mark, and I’ve been blessed being with you for much of it to practice with. So much more life to live…so let’s hang on until they create eternity pills!




Lonny Tuesday March 01, 2005


Hey Mark, Congrats for making it to 50! I’m planning on coming to celebrate w/u.


Love, Lonny




Linda Tiernan Kepner Tuesday March 01, 2005

Happy birthday, Mark! No matter how old you get – you’ll always be one year older than me. – Love, Linda



Anthony Johnson

Tuesday March 01, 2005


Funny…Fifty does not seem so old anymore. And neither do you to me. I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you big brother of mine! Have a great birthday and come back to NM to visit your little nephews. Love Anthony, Melanie, AJ, Alec…..




Joe Ambrosio Tuesday March 01, 2005

Hey old man!! Not gonna get any sympathy from us thirty-somethings!! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! Happy Birthday dude!


Roger Millen (formally Qilin) Tuesday March 01, 2005

Mark- welcome to the “Half-Way Club” … I won’t be able to join you for cake, and will be sending the good vibes your way. Remember to B-R-E-A-T-H-E !!!


Tom & Gretchen Judd Tuesday March 01, 2005

Happy B-day to the obstacle creator, still doing it ah!!!!!


Debbie + William + Christopher Monday February 28, 2005


We all would like to wish you the BIG 50! We hope you have a great silly Birthday. Your a great brother and Uncle. We all look forward to playing with you. GO 50!!!!!!!! *<:) (sideways) *<:)



Herb Snitzer Monday February 28, 2005

Mark – so good to hear from you. Wonderful birthday to come. 50 years old is the beginning of the second phase of your life. you should live to 100 so you are halfway there. all good wishes to you and to whomever else i know who responds to your birthday. Love. Herb.


Will Flanders Monday February 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Mark! In my experience it just keeps getting better after 50. So, congratulations on making it to the big time! I’ll be be at your party in spirit. Will


Alice Richter Monday February 28, 2005

Happy Birthday, friend. Nice to have you among the middle aged. Its not so bad. May your 50th be just the start of the best next 50 years. Lots of love


Amy Cass Monday February 28, 2005

Hi Mark, I don’t know if you remember me from L-W days. Anyway I remember you and wish you a very Happy Birthday! 50 is coming soon(ish)to me too( I still have to do 49!). I live in England, but one of my brothers lives in N.H., in Durham. Maybe we can get in touch on one of my visits someday. I don’t get over all that often, but it does happen! Anyway, best wishes for the day, Amy


Bob Mandell Monday February 28, 2005

This is from your real friends! Up yours and have a wonderful birthday! Wishing you the very best for the next 50….


Roger M. Slotkin Monday February 28, 2005

Old….verrrrrryyyy old…. but. You have become a cherished friend, associate, confidant, backgammon player, Brinley drinker and more. I want to wish you all the best for your 50th… its an “interesting” milestone in your life… and the word interesting does describe it best. You are blessed with a great kid (our best reason for being hear) your Dad, Karen, and your friends and family- but it is truly all of those people in your life that are blessed to have you in theirs. See you soon and, as usual, I am here if you need me. Roger


Maryanne and Norman Sunday February 27, 2005

Mark, Our very best wishes to you for your special birthday and for all those “specialer” days… your un-birthdays! Love, Maryanne and Norman


Dave Roitman Sunday February 27, 2005

Keep on shining. and – I’m 57 – it’s not that big a deal, aging. You get smarter – really. Keep your body loose and limber and don’t drink too much coffee or booze. Other than that – oh yeah – love, love, love, all the time. So let’s smile into our 100’s – yeah sometimes the smile hurts but what else really can we do. Love, Dave


Michael Connor Sunday February 27, 2005

Keep in mind, Mark …. the first 50 years are all life training …. now that you’ve finally graduated …. the best is yet to come!!


Jim Callihan Sunday February 27, 2005

Mark — In the context of your birthday, we’ve known each other for half of our lives! I wonder if we will be doing this when we are 75?!? Best Wishes!


Darien Sunday February 27, 2005

Hey Mark, Life begins at 50! Please accept my wishes for lots of love and luck to you. Darien


Albert Cook Sunday February 27, 2005

Mark, Welcome to the second half of your life club. Very best wishes for a great Birthday, Birthday party & wonderful year. What is the actual date of you anniversary? When I think back to our I-Group time together I recall being so impressed with your commitment (driving time/always being there) to the group, as well as to your life and taking care of yourself and those you Love. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, yet I remember those times together in group with great fondness. Again, very best wishes, Albert


Scott Gardner Saturday February 26, 2005

Hey Mark – 50?? You’re youthful exuberance belies your advancing dotage! I’m sorry to miss the celebration but I’ll be in California – Ok, I’m not sorry about that but I will raise a glass to toast your health on the 16th wherever I happen to be. May it be a day of unrestrained happiness! Better have some antacid just in case =:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Val Tuesday February 22, 2005

Now you know what a half century feels like!!!!!!


Alana Tuesday February 22, 2005

My felicitations, best wishes and cackles will be with you in Amherst, but my body will be in Athens, GA. Have a great night!


Trish and Charlie Tuesday February 22, 2005

Do you remember the earth’s crust cooling?


Remember what George Carlin said, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” I’ll never forget skinny dipping with you & the gang after we closed the Tower…how many years ago?… or re-connecting decades later when you became a semi-regular Wednesday nighter. Hugs & kisses and may there be many more happy & playful years to come for you with all your friends and loved ones. Pauline Mathews

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